Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Perk Up Popcorn With Easy Add-Ins

Popcorn is a classic snack that nearly everyone loves. It packs well in school lunches, makes a great afternoon treat, and of course, is a movie night staple.

You can add variety, and sometimes an extra boost of nutrients, by mixing some other fun ingredients amidst those yummy puffs.

Try these add-ins, in any combination you like, to perk up your popcorn:

1.       Dry roasted edamame (soy beans)

2.       Sunflower or pumpkin seeds

3.       Mini pretzels

4.       A sprinkle of cinnamon sugar

5.       Parmesan cheese

6.       Craisins, dried pineapple pieces, or other dried fruit

7.       Chocolate chips, yogurt chips, or M&Ms

8.       Dry cereal, such as Cheerios, Kix, or Chex

9.       Peanuts or other nuts

10.   Candied or coated nuts

Happy snacking!

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